CUNIBERTI DESIGN is a small design studio with big ideas.

We work to create user experiences, that are metric driven and user-centric. We strive to craft interactions that are satisfying, intuitive and engaging.

We partner with each client and become part of their team, we offer individualized attention to each project, making our clients' goals our own.

We believe in creating experiences that are meaningful and bring value to the user.

photo of Lea Cuniberti


Lea Cuniberti-Duran
Founder/Principal Cuniberti Design
UX Designer

I am a design lover who started breathing and thinking design since doodling in my father's design studio in the '80s.

I have been working as a designer for over 20 years. Throughout the years I have worked as visual designer, UI and as in the last several years as a UXer. My training in typography, visual design and photography, gives me an impeccable eye and a strong foundation to organize content and create clean and intuitive designs

I let data guide my design process, and strive to create design experiences that are metric driven and user focused.

photo of Annelise Bazar


Annelise Bazar
Wed Developer

I enjoy implementing Lea's designs to create functioning usable websites.

I have been coding websites since 1995. I assemble the code to layout the pages in the browser, use Javascript to make the page interactive, and as needed also use server-side technologies (databases, PHP/ASP, etc.) to give sites behind the scenes functionality.




At Cuniberti Design we create effective communication and marketing tools to help companies deliver messages to establish themselves. Here a list of few companies we have worked with.

  • Medtronic
  • Philips Electronics
  • Cisco
  • eBay
  • eHealth insurance
  • OpenWave

Not For Profit

  • The Friendship Circle
  • Los Altos Educational Foundation
  • Medlend
  • Noyce Foundation
  • The Sierra Club

Small/Medium Businesses

  • Artscapes
  • Advanced Pain Care
  • BAMA Medical Education Network
  • Breathing Room Studio
  • Cooper Design
  • Gondwanaland Trading Company
  • Idem Translation
  • Nanofocus
  • Plastic & Paper Products
  • Sage Marketing
  • Sequoia Benefits
  • Studio 251
  • Sonica
  • TrueSound


  • Air Play
  • Bones in Motion
  • ConCallNow
  • Electric Cloud
  • Jooners
  • Little Passports
  • oDesk
  • One Doto
  • StartUp Capital Ventures
  • Voltage
  • VasoMedix
  • Zoove


UX design:

User Experience design services include: creating personas, quantitative and qualitative studies, heuristic evaluations, use cases and scenarios and generating wire frames.

Visual and Screen design:

The role of a visual and screen design is to bring to life a user experience by creating an inviting look and feel while communicating a brand. Deliverables include: pixel-perfect screens, design assests optimized for implementation, and support to the software team.

Web design:

A successful web site is result of a combination of careful branding, good UI and flawless coding.

Identity design:

We have helped companies create memorable brands by understanding their goals, personality, target customers and who they have to compete against. We create logos, business cards, and letterheads that help companies establish themselves, while setting them apart from the competition.


Want to say "hi" or discuss a project?
Drop us a line.

Or call me:
650 743 8624 Cell

  • "I love everything you have done for me and working with you has been fantastic." Veronica Sagastume - CEO, Studio 251
  • "Lea another great logo! You are always a pleasure to deal with. Your openness to feedback is truly unique in this business." Mike Maciag - CEO, Electric Cloud
  • "I wanted to let you know that the response we've had so far to the new design is very positive." David Simon - The Sierra Club
  • "Your graphic design definitely hit the mark.
    Thanks also to Annelise for her hard work and her availability to answer our technical questions.
    We're very pleased to have such a clean, professional, well-designed website. Many thanks!" Sara Spiegel - The Noyce Foundation
  • "It was great working with you again." Shobana Gubi - Los Altos Educational Foundation